The Treasure Hunt is the sixteenth gripping novel in Andrea Camilleri\047s bestselling Inspector Montalbano series. Montalbano opened the door to step out. But Gallo held him back, putting one hand on his arm. \047What\047s in there, Chief?\047 \047If it\047s what I think, it\047s something so horrific that it\047ll haunt your dreams for the rest of your life ...\047 When a crazed elderly man and his sister begin firing bullets from their balcony down onto the Vigata street below, Inspector Montalbano finds himself a reluctant television hero. A few days later, when a letter arrives containing a mysterious riddle, the Inspector becomes drawn into a perplexing treasure hunt set by an anonymous challenger. As the hunt intensifies, Montalbano is relieved to be offered the assistance of Arturo Pennisi, a young man eager to witness the detective\047s investigative skills first hand. Fending off meddling commissioners and his irate girlfriend, Livia, the inspector will follow the treasure hunt\047s clues and travel from Vigata\047s teeming streets to its deserted outskirts: where an abandoned house overlooks a seemingly bottomless lake. But when a horrifying crime is committed, the game must surely be laid aside. And it isn\047t long before Montalbano himself will be in terrible danger ...

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